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Below are some of the feeback we have received from clients. Please note that a prospective client may not obtain the same or similar results.
Carlton Jones reviewed Howell & Thornhill P.A. — 5 star
January 23, 2018

"I think they have a great team and my attorney Sherri and her assistant were awesome

Nina Panzica reviewed Howell & Thornhill P.A. — 5 star
January 21, 2018

"My attorney, Spencer Pastorin, was very thorough and responded in a timely manner to my questions. If he wasn't available, Vicki was right there to help me. Mr. Pastorin made me feel like my son and I were important. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal support after being in a car accident."

Olga Woodard reviewed Howell & Thornhill P.A. — 5 star
May 16, 2017

"Vickie and Spencer are awesome!! They explained everything and answered all of my questions honestly. It's hard to find a place that will do right by you. Anytime I made contact with them, it was always friendly and if they took a message, they got back to me as soon as they could. It was a pleasure to have them represent me in my case.
Thank you for your amazing service!"

Chris Clifton reviewed Howell & Thornhill P.A. — 5 star
February 22, 2018

"The staff were professional and straight forward. Mr. Pastorin and Mrs. Rosalia were very helpful and willing to answer all my questions (and I had some pretty stupid questions). I would be willing to recommend them to anyone! Great firm!"

Jesse Leon McDaniel reviewed Howell & Thornhill P.A. — 5 star
March 13, 2018

"I want to say a special thank you to Tommy Ray for the help with a homeless vet. The donation of the tv meant so much to this vet he could not believe that someone he never met would help. This vet is a Vietnam Veteran and had nothing. This is the kind of people that work at Howell and Thornhill thank you. We now have this vet with shelter ."

Breezy Luviano recommends Howell & Thornhill P.A.
December 17, 2018

"My experience with Howell & Thornhill was beyond our expectations, Spencer and Roselia were always there when we had questions and kept us informed of anything new with the case.We can’t thank both of them enough for the services they provided. There’s honestly no better place to go."

Fred McClure Jr reviewed Howell & Thornhill P.A. — 5 star
June 8, 2018

"What a great experience we had with this firm. Spencer and his team went above and beyond my expectations. Check them out if you need some legal help. Trust me when I say that these insurance company’s are get hard to deal with. You are definitely gonna need to bring your “A” game. So bring Howell and Thornhill P.A."

If you are injured by a careless driver do not even consider going it alone. PIP rules and insurance companies are  NOT USER FRIENDLY! Spencer Pastorin and Howell & Thornhill rescued me from the sticky web that no-fault has become. Recovering from a bicycle vs truck crash is certainly not easy but good personal injury lawyers can prevent a whole lot of frustration and help you get the compensation you deserve.

- Mike Mosall

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Our firm has had the opportunity to work for more than 9,000 individuals. A few sample results are listed below. These amounts represent the amount recovered for the client’s suffering, wage loss if any, unpaid medical expenses, and attorneys’ fees and costs. Most cases result in a lower recovery. It should not be assumed that your case will have as beneficial a result.
$5,000,000.00 for spinal injury

$320,000.00 for brain injury

$300,000.00 for brain injury

$300,000.00 for orthopedic injury

$150,000.00 for orthopedic surgery

$5,400,000.00 for spinal injury

$1,120,000.00 for spine surgery

$149,000.00 for spine surgery

$179,000.00 for spine surgery

$250,000.00 for spine surgery

$500,000.00 for spine injury

$285,000.00 for spinal injury

$290,000.00 for jaw and spine injury

$250,000.00 for broken hip

$1,025,000.00 for hip and shoulder surgery

$274,112.22 for jaw injury
$115,000.00 for foot injury

$100,000.00 for dog bite scarring

$150,000.00 for jaw injury

$145,000.00 for jaw injury

$225,000.00 for dehydration by a nursing home

$400,000.00 for nursing home abuse

$350,000.00 for wrongfully denied insurance benefits claim

$325,000.00 for back injury

$205,000.00 for burn injury

$150,000.00 for neck injury

$350,000.00 for neck injury

$150,000.00 for shoulder injury

$400,000.00 for knee surgery and RSD

$100,000.00 for knee surgery and neck pain

$2,472,596.22 for motorcycle crash involving head, arm, hip, and internal injuries.